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Both Daz and Dunc have directly been affected by the challenges of male mental health. Daz's own father very sadly took his own life when Daz was a child, and sadly, we both know several men who have felt they have no alternative but to end their own life. According to government sources, suicide is the biggest single killer of men aged 50 and under.


This is totally unacceptable, and needs addressing. 

And this is why we have partnered with The Looseheadz Foundation. The rugby connection is a natural one, given our roots and the source of friendship. Beyond this however, we will use Looseheadz own words to explain how they help:


"The LooseHeadz Foundation (registered charity number #1193051) is the cornerstone of our campaign to #TackleTheStigma.

We guarantee that 100% of the money raised for our Foundation will be used exclusively for the betterment of players’ mental wellbeing.

Currently the Foundation is funded through the sales of clothing, donations and fundraisers.

The Foundation is run by a board of trustees, and headed up by our patron Shaun Edwards, to ensure total visibility in everything we do. Our trustees then decide where to distribute the money raised, and report back to the team on the impact of their campaigns.

We are immensely proud to have Shaun Edwards as the Patron of the LooseHeadz Foundation. Shaun, a legend of both codes of rugby needs no introduction. His help, support and association allow us to further help the silent majority affected by mental health.

The Foundation operates entirely separately to LooseHeadz to ensure that all funds received are appropriately distributed."

We want to do our bit to bring male mental health into the spotlight. We will have a fundraising page open in due course, but until then, please do your bit to check in with your friends - particularly the men. Ask if they're ok. Maybe ask twice. And if you feel like you may not be ok yourself, please, please, please talk to someone. 

If you feel like you are struggling and need help, get in touch with LooseHeadz
by texting the 
word RUGBY to 85258.



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